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A Promise To Your Mother
Written by Jared Kelner - Directed by Gerry Appel
A Fearless Productions Show

Fearless Productions is proud to announce that A Promise To Your Mother, an original 60-minute 1-Act play written by actor, acting teacher, author and playwright Jared Kelner, playwright of What Do They Become? that appeared in the 2015 Venus/Adonis Theater Festival, has been selected to appear in the 2015 Thespis Theater Festival in New York City on September 17 (6:15pm), 18 (6:15pm) & 20 (8:30pm) at the Hudson Guild Theater, located at 441 W. 26th Street (between 9th and 10th Avenues) in New York City. A Promise To Your Mother, will be directed by Gerry Appel, Artistic Director of The Playhouse Acting Academy of East Brunswick, NJ.


A Promise To Your Mother plot summary:

A Promise To Your Mother explores the lives of those left in the wake of one man's heinous crimes. Malcolm made national news when a vengeance-filled father of a young girl Malcolm was accused of raping, crashed his car into Malcolm’s, running him off the road, killing Malcolm and his wife. The tragedy sparks a series of revelations that will forever entwine the lives of Mandy (Malcolm’s 14 year-old daughter), Ben (Malcolm's twin brother), Celia (a young mother with a haunting past) and Derrek (her 15 year-old derelict son).

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Written by Jared Kelner - Directed by Gerry Appel