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Learn How To Use Your
Creative Instincts
To Memorize Your Lines
The Creative Way for Actors
to Quickly Memorize
Monologues and Dialogues
If you've ever struggled to remember your lines, the creative memorization techniques taught in LINE? will help you break through your mental blocks and accelerate the line memorization process. Author Jared Kelner has applied his experience as an actor and acting teacher and combined that with his expertise as a memory improvement trainer and created an imagination and sensory based process for actors to use when memorizing lines. It’s an innovative approach to line memorization that taps into the actor’s imagination and acting training rather than relying on monotonous rote memorization methods like highlighting, recording and repeating lines over and over. By applying the creative memorization methods presented in LINE? you will instantly recall your lines.
Author: Jared Kelner
Cover Designer: Rantilini S. from Rantistic
Paperback: 152 pages 
Language: English 
ISBN-10: 0982655851
ISBN-13: 978-0-9826558-5-6


"I have been teaching acting for over 50 years and I rarely come across innovations to the craft process that I believe in and support. Without hesitation, I fully endorse and recommend Jared Kelner's book LINE? The Creative Way for Actors to Quickly Memorize Monologues and Dialogues. ​Every actor must memorize lines and most actors look at the line memorization process as something outside of the craft of acting, but in fact, it is very much an integral part of the craft process and as such, actors need a craft technique to help them. In his book LINE?, Jared Kelner brings something inventive, innovate and important to the craft of acting. The technique of imaging that Jared teaches for line memorization mirrors imaging concepts I share in my book Acting, Imaging and the Unconscious. I am pleased to endorse Jared Kelner and his contribution to our craft. LINE? is a must read for every actor."
Eric Morris: Actor, Acting Teacher and Author of “No Acting Please”, “Being and Doing”, “Irreverent Acting”, “Acting From the Ultimate Consciousness”, “Acting, Imaging and the Unconscious”, “The Diary of a Professional Experiencer” and “Freeing the Actor

“I wish I had a dime for every actor who has told me their biggest fear was memorizing lines. So I was delighted when I discovered Jared Kelner and was able to introduce him to my students. The response to LINE? Was so positive. The actors felt they had received valuable tools to overcome their fears and move forward in their work with confidence. Jared’s positive enthusiastic style is so encouraging it’s a pleasure to be in the classroom with him.”

Valerie Adami: Owner/Director Weist Barron Acting for Film & TV 

"OK Actors, Quiet your mind and get this book. It will change your life for knowing your lines forever."

Tim PhillipsFounder of The Tim Phillips Studio in Los Angeles and author of “Audition for Your Career, Not the Job: Mastering the On-camera Audition

"Kelner has taken the drudgery of memorization and changed it into a creative exercise that enriches the acting while learning the lines.
As a senior citizen actor it's invaluable for this old dog to learn these new tricks of memorization.
Using a full palette of memory aids, he gives the actor choices to find the methods that resonate best for any role or situation.
As an acting teacher I heartily recommend his approaches for any actor."

J. Patrick McNamara is an actor, known for Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977), Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (1989) and Blow Out (1981).
He is also an acting teacher and the creator of "The Craft of Film Acting" DVD




Original Play by Jared Kelner

Author: Jared Kelner

Cover Designer: CORSI DESIGN

Paperback: 108 pages 
Language: English 
ISBN-10: 0982655878  




A Promise To Your Mother 

Original Play by Jared Kelner

Cover Designer: CORSI DESIGN

Paperback: 70 pages 
Language: English 
ISBN-10: 0982655886
ISBN-13: 978-0982655887



Original Play by Jared Kelner

Cover Designer: Jared Kelner

Paperback: 74 pages 
Language: English 
ISBN-10: 0982655894
ISBN-13: 978-


Learn The Foundation Principles of
Effective Negotiations

The Chamberlain Negotiation Principles: A Tale of Five Must Know Negotiation Tenets and the Insight Behind the Principles to Help You Succeed is a negotiation/business fable that teaches five critical negotiation tenets through a touching & poignant story about Richard, a young man struggling to start his sales career who finds success by befriending Chamberlain, an elderly subway dweller who holds the negotiation secrets young Richard desperately seeks.  Woven throughout the book are five in-depth nonfiction analysis chapters that expand & explore the negotiation tenets presented in the fable.


The Chamberlain Negotiation Principles is a creative and valuable negotiation resource that will touch your heart and challenge your mind.


Author: Jared Kelner

Cover Designer: Publishing Gurus

Paperback: 214 pages 
Language: English 
ISBN-10: 0982655800 
ISBN-13: 978-0982655801



The Official College Campus Tour Bingo Game

College Tour Bingo is a fun, family game that is played while sitting in the lecture room listening to the Admissions Advisor talk about the college and while you are out walking around campus on your guided tour. It is a fun way to keep the entire family engaged and actively participating in the day’s events.
Over 100
Bingo Game Cards

     College Tour Bingo is a fun, family game that is played while sitting in the lecture room listening to the Admissions Advisor talk about the college and while you are out walking around campus on your guided tour. It is a fun way to keep the entire family engaged and actively participating in the day’s events.
    In the book, you’ll read about the various College Tour Bingo games and how each are played. Equally important are the list of sayings, objects, people, groups and events that you’ll be looking and listening for. Just like traditional Bingo, when a number is called, if your game card has that number, you mark it off, the same holds true for the College Tour Bingo game. As you listen to the lectures and walk around campus, if you see or hear something that matches one of the sayings, objects, people, groups or events listed on your game card, you would mark off that square.
The first person in your family to mark off all the required boxes for that game would call out “College Tour Bingo” (as loud or as quiet as you are comfortable with) and would then be declared the winner. Of course, the family has the option to check the winner’s College Tour Bingo game card for accuracy and can challenge any box that was marked off. But don’t get too competitive with the challenges. The game is supposed to be fun, not cause any frustration or anger (especially with the younger siblings and Grandpa for that matter). From a parent’s perspective, as long as the kids and relatives are happy, you’ve won.
    Other than the pages in this book, which you’ll tear out and distribute to the players, the other item you’ll need is something to write with to mark off your boxes. It’s best if each player has their own pen, pencil or marker, so everyone can mark their own boxes as fast as possible. You’ll also need prizes for the winners. In the Prize section, there are suggestions for prizes, but you are encouraged to think up rewards that you know will motivate and excite your family.
    There are enough copies of the various College Tour Bingo game cards in the book to last a family of six many college tours, but if you would like to order refills of the College Tour Bingo game cards, 
click here.